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20th October 08:30 PM GMT

Nashville SC

Average Record : 70%

FC Dallas

Major League Soccer

20th October 08:30 PM GMT

Nashville SC

Average Record : 79%

FC Dallas

Major League Soccer

20th October 08:30 PM GMT

Colo Colo

Average Record : 70%

Jorge Wilstermann

Copa Libertadores Grp. C

20th October 08:30 PM GMT

Colo Colo

Average Record : 86%

Jorge Wilstermann

Copa Libertadores Grp. C

20th October 06:15 PM GMT


Average Record : 90%


Copa Libertadores Grp. G

20th October 06:15 PM GMT

CS Alagoano

Average Record : 76%

Botafogo SP

Serie B

20th October 06:15 PM GMT

Oeste FC

Average Record : 95%


Serie B

Today's Soccer Predictions

20th October 02:00 PM GMT

Doncaster Rovers

Ipswich Town

League One

20th October 02:00 PM GMT

Tranmere Rovers

Leyton Orient

League Two

20th October 02:00 PM GMT

Lincoln City

Plymouth Argyle

League One

20th October 01:00 PM GMT


Hessen Kassel

Regionalliga Southwest

20th October 10:00 AM GMT

Deportes Iquique

La Serena

Primera Division

20th October 01:00 PM GMT



Challenge League

20th October 03:00 PM GMT

L.R. Vicenza Virtus


Serie B

20th October 12:30 PM GMT

Union La Calera


Primera Division

20th October 02:45 PM GMT

Nottingham Forest

Rotherham United


20th October 12:55 PM GMT

Dynamo Kyiv


Champions League Grp. G

Tribal Football Advice

When betting on a soccer match, you are always going to have your own opinion or hunch. But you shouldn’t just place your bets based on what you think is going to be the outcome. It is important to get the help of professional tipster from Tribal Football to confirm your hunch before placing a bet.

If you are looking for football betting advice, you have come to the right place. Every day, our tipsters bring you soccer betting tips on a wide range of leagues and competitions from around the world. Our goal is to help you win on your bets. Our tipsters study all the matches in a league and offering winning tips selections.

We at Tribal Football , make winning bet advisor by taking all the key factors into account. This includes everything from the form of the team and its main players and the latest results. Tribal tipsters also check the latest news around the teams involved, their key players, and even their management. This includes news related to their personal lives that may have an impact on the outcome of upcoming matches. The result is that you are able to get access to comprehensive analysis and true odds of events happening.

The following tips shed light on how you should go about making winning football predictions like our tipsters.

1. Determine Events to Bet On

A soccer match can offer so many events for you to bet on. This can include a 1X2 bet, Asian Handicap, Over/Under, Correct Score, and many more. It is a common mistake among punters that they try to predict everything that they think is likely to happen in a match.

So, if you want to succeed as a punter, make sure to determine which markets you are going to bet on. And then look for predictions on Tribal football today.
  • When you focus on one event related to the match, it helps you in achieving better results
  • Becoming more granular with the choice of betting markets means higher success rates
  • First select the league you want to bet on and then decide the market
  • Keep in mind that the more punters competing on a soccer market, the harder it will be for you to find better odds
  • It is recommended to choose niche markets to bet on because they provide better odds

2. Check League Strengths

When it comes to evaluating team strengths, it is best to focus more on the league matches. Most of the time a club is going to play matches against other clubs from the same league. Only when the UEFA leagues are active, these teams are expected to play against clubs from other countries. This is a crucial factor in predictz prediction.

Use the following tips to come up with winning predictions like our experts:
  • Relative strength of domestic leagues can be assessed by checking the games played between clubs from different leagues
  • Check all the domestic games in history and determine the domestic club Soccer Power Index ratings
  • Check each inter-league game from past fixed period and determine the expected score of the game based on each club’s current domestic rating

It can take a lot of comparisons before determining the inter-league and inter-league strengths of both the sides. This will require you to follow all the domestic and international leagues and championships going on all year around.

3. Venue of the Game

The field or the venue of the game is the next important factor that is going to have influence on the outcome of the match. This factor has a huge impact on the match because both the local conditions and fans can influence the performance of both the sides and is always taken into account when making a selections.

This factor is so important that in most cases, the home team is likely to win most of the time. This can be the expected outcome of the match even if the visiting side is a technically much better side.

4. Each Side’s Schedule

How the match fits into the schedule of both the sides also matters. The key here is to check both sides’ schedule and determine how important the upcoming match is for both.

  • When it comes to soccer, it is important to check the fixtures calendar
  • This is more important for top-tier clubs because they have fixtures in different competitions
  • A team that may be returning from a match lost in the UEFA leagues is likely to have low morals when playing in their domestic league
  • If there is an important upcoming match, one or both clubs’ coaches may rest their star players

All these points can have an influence on the outcome of the match you are intending to bet on. And this is where our tipster can help you make the right decision.

5. Check News on Both Teams

Next, you should check the news on both sides to make accurate selection daily. This can provide you useful insights into how each side is likely to perform:

  • A side may have a long injury list
  • One club may have certain type of disharmony within it
  • One or more players from a team may not be playing due to certain personal reasons
  • When you find the odds of a side to be higher than what it should be, look for key news or information

6. Check the Past Matches Between the 2 Teams

Besides all these factors, it is also important to check the results of the past few matches between the 2 sides.

  • How the last few matches between the sides turned out is going to create a psychological factor
  • There may also be a trend in which side has been winning most of the meetings between the 2 sides
  • All this information gives insight into which team has a psychological edge

So a side that has been losing most of the matches in the meetings between the 2 teams is likely to lose again.

So if you want to predict and bet like a tipsters, it is recommended to follow these tips. Since there are many more factors at play, it is best to rely on the prediction from the experts.


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